Langhe Nebbiolo by Elio Altere

cherry - tobacco - jam - perfume



The Altere family came to La Morra in 1948. Back then it wasn’t easy, given the economic crisis that lasted for years. Elio, along with other friends, decided to learn more about winemaking by traveling beyond the borders of Piemonte, trying to learn from the success that other regions were enjoying. Their first trip to Burgundy, in January 1976, was a revelation, and when Elio got back home he knew there were major changes to be made.

His father Giovanni didn't understand him. His son's radical decisions were too far from his way of thinking. Being from an older generation and poorer times, he was not able to accept what he thought was an offense against common sense and tradition, and because of their different opinions, Giovanni and Elio’s relationship fell into silence. He died in 1985 and tragically disinherited Elio.

Elio continued to work while he bought back the winery and vineyards from his siblings.

Elio stood firm then and still does today. His decisions marked a radical change of direction and give a different interpretation to the family's wine, favouring elegance, finesse, and balance, following a strict regime in the vineyards, and adopting new vinification and aging techniques in the cellar.

The farm is still family-managed today. In 2003, Silvia – Elio’s oldest daughter – began working beside him.


100% nebbiolo. Up to 50 year old vines. Maceration on the skins for approx. 4 days in rotary fermenters with temperature control. 5 months in French barrique.


Wine Type Grape Vintage
Red Nebbiolo 2018
Country Region Appellation
Italy Piemonte La Morra


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