Croizillon by Château Les Croisille

ripe - berries - lively - tart 


Cahors is, without a doubt, the most dynamic appellation in Southwest France. Recently, the area has gained momentum within the wine industry, due to the dedication and innovation of a group of winemakers in their thirties, re-energizing the Lot region’s most renowned varietal – Malbec. Château Les Croisille is one of the vineyards taking part in this revolution, by utilizing sustainable farming practices and modern winemaking techniques to create Cahors wines with finesse, freshness and balance. 

This family-run vineyard has been passed on to the next generation and, with this change in leadership, some changes in the vineyard – Château Les Croisille expanded its acreage and in 2010, converted to organic viticulture. The Croisille family focus on producing wines in harmony with the region’s unique terroir.

As you explore our winemaking philosophy it becomes apparent that a strong sense of family reigns at Château Les Croisille. The family’s first generation created the vineyard through hard work and perseverance. The torch has been passed on to the second generation, which is enthusiastically building upon the experiences the family has gleaned over the years

The concept that “wine is made in the vineyard” is the cornerstone of our winemaking philosophy. We are particularly meticulous with our agricultural techniques. Year after year, we place our production methods under careful examination in order to evolve and to ensure ongoing positive developments.


100% malbec.


Wine Type Grape Vintage
Red Malbec 2018
Country Region Appellation
France South West Cahors


  • $25.95